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Tagged: Selenium

Comparing Selenium Page Objects with the Selenium API

I have reviewed the Selenium Page Object Model and determined it is no better than the Germanium API in terms of abstracting away low-level locator actions like finding and clicking elements. POM provides no improvement to simplifying the locator strings for the Selenium strategies it uses: xpath, css.

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Germanium Selector Builder Alfa Release

After a lot of work over the last year, we're proud to present you the alfa release of our Germanium Selector Builder. Germanium Selector Builder is an application that can generate Selenium selectors with a simple click. It also offers functionality for visualising the matches in the browser, and full Germanium API support.

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Writing Simple Selectors

We all got tired at some point of finding element by XPath, since it's error prone and hard to maintain. A naive approach might be using string constants, but is there another way?

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Germanium 1.9.0 has Amazing Positional Filtering

With the release of Germanium 1.9.0, not only the positional filtering was completely rewritten (keeping 100% backwards compatibility), but finding items positionally is incredibly simple now.

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What Do We Learn from the Broken Firefox WebDriver Support

With the new release of Firefox 47, the WebDriver support was left in limbo. On one hand, the old WebDriver API is not accessible anymore, on the other hand the new API (Marionette) explicitly doesn't supports it.

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