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Using Git Feature Branches in MoPyX

In GermaniumHQ we use git branches and tags for everything. From research, to development, to test, to the actual release. Why? Let me show you how this worked in case of MoPyX - the Python Reactive UI API.

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Comparing Selenium Page Objects with the Selenium API

I have reviewed the Selenium Page Object Model and determined it is no better than the Germanium API in terms of abstracting away low-level locator actions like finding and clicking elements. POM provides no improvement to simplifying the locator strings for the Selenium strategies it uses: xpath, css.

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On The Road To Abstraction II

Continuing the previous article with concrete code examples of the ultimate automation achievable in the Germanium stack (Selenium, WebDriver, Germanium, Behave).

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Germanium Abstract Selectors

Hi, this is Christopher. My first blog, ever, I promise. We will show the present state of the Selenium Page Object Pattern (in Java) and then tear it apart with a simpler Germanium approach that is equivalent but far superior. Tighten your belts: we have work to do.

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Integration Testing Beyond The Surface

When thinking about integration tests, a lot of people think only about the source code of the tests. Of course, seeing tests like that is not only wrong, but also might prove fatal for your testing infrastructure. Let's see why...

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